Zombicide Vip Rules

This set consists of 20 VIP zombie minifigures (5 different sculptures – different from VIP set #1, 12 zombie spawn cards, 3 equipment cards and rules). Shuffle “VIP Standard Walkers” zombie cards in your usual zombie stack and spawn VIP zombies with basic rules. Don`t pick the VIP zombies you put on the board – take them at random. If you run out of Standard Walkers VIP figures, replace the missing ones with Standard Walkers figures. If you have the upgraded zombies and companion cards, VIPs will play like this. You simply shuffle the new VIP cards into your 2nd Ed. stack for the mission. When drawing a VIP card, simply place the number of VIP-Z as shown. The only thing that VIPs lack are the cards that represent the weapons that come with these sets. (e.g.

rose M-16, etc.) But since you wouldn`t really have them in the regular research game anyway, you can still use them as bonus weapons to choose from after collecting 5 different VIP sculptures. Or, if you want to keep the cards consistent, you can give someone a random pimp weapon from the new set. Your home, your rules. No other known rule for zombivores. This box contains twenty VIP zombie minifigures to hunt, twelve zombie cards to bring to the stage, rules to play and three new pimpmobile weapons for the best headhunters! Sometimes survivors discover a strange Zigoto in the teeming mass of zombies. This creature may remind them of someone, wear a special uniform, or be a former celebrity. These special zombies are called VIPs, for Very Infected People. Shooting them down is a sport among survivors. Who wants to enter the contest? This box contains twenty VIP zombie minifigures to hunt, twelve zombie cards to stage, the rules of the game, as well as three new pimp mobile weapons for the best headhunters! Standard VIP walkers are standard walkers with special “VIP” status. They follow the same rules as standard walkers, including: Is there a guide or anything regarding how to use it for the 2nd edition or something that explains what the missing units do in my 2nd edition upgrade kit? All I have are the cards for them, and while most regular 1st edition zombies only make sense of poisons, berzerkers, butchers, etc., I don`t know what to do with zombivores and VIPs. Are they only activated as vanilla zombies or are there any special rules missing in my set? We draw your attention to the fact that this game is an expansion and therefore cannot be played alone.

Renew your games by enriching your base game with this expansion. When setting up the game, create a Pimpweapon deck with all the Pimpmobile weapons you own that are not included in the chosen mission. Use it for game effects that require drawing Pimpmobile maps, such as searching for Pimpmobile for the first time. Sorry, I wanted to use the 2nd edition. I`ll go for clarity VIP – Highly Infected PeopleInfected people are like normal walkers, they come with special appearance cards that you shuffle in your appearance deck. If you kill one, you can keep it on your card. If you drop a set of 5 VIPs with different sculptures, you will receive a pimp weapon of your choice. Sometimes survivors discover a bizarre one in the endless stream of stirring zombies.

This creature may remind them of someone they knew, wear a certain uniform, or be a former celebrity. These special zombies are called VIPs, Very Infected People, and killing them is a cherished survival sport. Would you like to participate in the contest? Each time a VIP Standard Walker is eliminated, the player can place their minifigure on the ID card of their attacking survivor instead of returning it to the Zombie Miniatures Reserve. The player can throw VIP zombie figures collected from the zombie miniatures reserve at any time (without gaining experience). Zombies lack personality and self-confidence. Well, almost. Some of them are still unique in some ways, albeit unintentionally. They wear a suit, a uniform or remind us of someone we knew. Taking them out of the zombie herd is a game for us. We call them VIP.

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