Why Bullies Should Not Be Held Legally Responsible

That is true, and I do not dispute that. But just because their brains aren`t fully developed doesn`t mean they shouldn`t be held accountable for their actions. If a miner cheated on a test, would the claim about his brain be considered legitimate and would it arrive where he would not be punished? Of course not, so why should bullying someone to death be any different? Finally, bullies should be legally responsible for their actions, as this would act as a deterrent. When most people bully them, they`re not really afraid of the consequences because they know there really aren`t any, which is why there should be serious consequences. The question we are asking ourselves is whether bullying by words alone is a problem that the law should address. If so, who should be ultimately responsible (parents, schools, child) and what recourse would you offer to the victim or their family? We all know what bullying is. We usually tend to think of it as a giant kid threatening to beat you if you don`t give them your money for lunch. But sometimes bullying goes much deeper than that. Sometimes bullies go too far and their victims make the unfortunate decision to end their lives. As horrible as it may be, it happens every day, and the worst part is that these bullies are not legally held accountable for their actions, but they should be. Because of the lack of punishment, people constantly say hurtful things without thinking about what might happen as a result. This is completely ridiculous and something needs to be done about it. If people knew that their bullying harassment could land them in jail, they would certainly think twice before making those mean and offensive comments that cause such enormous damage.

Those who have been victims to the point of tearing them apart deserve justice, and holding their tormentors legally accountable is the only way for them to receive it. The problem is that when someone finally gets tired of being bullied and ends their life, no one sees it as someone else`s fault but their own. In some ways, suicide is not as serious as murder, although in fact it is just as devastating, if not more devastating. One girl reportedly told Rebecca to “drink bleach and die.” Eventually, Rebecca couldn`t take it anymore and climbed a concrete tower and plunged to her death. Rebecca has been bullied, which is against the law, but people don`t seem to understand. Bullies should not only be a form of harassment, but should also be held legally accountable for their actions, as those who bully know the difference between right and wrong. But should bullies be held legally responsible for any harm they cause? There is now a strong body of evidence showing the serious psychiatric and emotional damage bullying can cause, and the significant impact it can have on life expectations. And his evil is widespread – suffering, bullies and society as a whole. Bullies do not stop even after taking disciplinary action, so they are held legally liable.

Bullies would never stop, no matter how disciplined they are, unless they were legally detained. It might have something to do with who is being prosecuted, as it`s hard to blame an entire school for the actions of some black sheep. What about parents? Demographically, the average American household simply has little or nothing — in terms of liquefiable assets to recover. Nevertheless, there are more difficult questions that need to be answered. Is our society as a whole simply too many babies? Should the government do more? According to a local report from Albuquerque, an 11-year-old bully victim said she was tortured so much that she attempted suicide. In the report, the girl was shown with her mother next to a drawing she had made. The drawing was a representation of the cruelty with which her classmates had treated her. In such situations, we are simply relieved to know that the child is fine and that something is being done to prevent future events, but no matter what we seem to be doing, the problem remains, and some wonder if more drastic measures should be taken against bullies. The traditional idea that bullying should be endured is an integral part of the school years was firmly entrenched. Recently, however, technology has provided many opportunities for a widespread, distant, and cowardly form of bullying – cyberbullying. This obscures the question of the extent of a school`s responsibility. We have come a long way to recognize bullying as intentional, often criminal behaviour that would be treated as such outside the schoolyard.

It should never be tolerated, especially now that we are aware of the damage it causes. Bullies should be punished because victims are more likely to bring a gun to school Parents, school staff and other adults in the community can help children prevent bullying by talking about it, creating a safe school environment and developing a community-wide bullying prevention strategy. The University of Technology Sydney provides funding as a founding partner of The Conversation AU. Sometimes bullying overlaps with discriminatory harassment covered by federal civil rights laws. Learn more about your civil rights. Investigations into school shootings like Columbine assume they are retaliation. It is not uncommon for student suicides to be bullied. Tolerance at school can lead to bullying at work, in the family, and in other areas of life. The injustice must be redressed and the threat of legal action can, in many cases, lead to action. However, it would be regrettable if this were the main impetus for action. The best view is that modern educators view bullying as serious antisocial behavior that has serious implications for all children`s right to education, and work to create school cultures where bullying cannot exist.

If you`ve done everything you can to resolve the situation and nothing has worked out or someone is in imminent danger, there are ways to get help. This requires helping young people put themselves in someone else`s shoes, acknowledging the damage done to them, repairing it, and rebuilding relationships. For many schools, there are signs of success, but this is easy said and difficult to do, especially given limited resources in many cases. A very commendable initiative is bullying. No Way and its mantra: Take a stand together. There is still a long way to go, but the journey must be undertaken. Learn what cyberbullying is, how to prevent it and how to respond if you or someone you know is being cyberbullied. For more information about IIED and other causes of personal injury, please contact a qualified personal injury attorney in New Mexico. The doubts were dispelled when the New South Wales Supreme Court and Court of Appeal ruled that former students Benjamin Cox and Jazmine Oyston (2007 and 2013, respectively) were entitled to compensation from their schools.

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