Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services (Smrls)

SMRLS also offers several specialized clinics in virtual and personal formats. Volunteer lawyers advise clients, supervise other volunteer lawyers, and trainee lawyers who draft and review legal documents. The time required is 2 to 4 hours. SMRLS specialty clinics include: Programs that provide legal advice and/or representation to low-income individuals who need assistance in day-to-day legal matters, typically in the areas of bankruptcy, housing, public benefits, family law, elder law, or immigration/naturalization. A legal aid program that provides legal advice and/or representation to low-income individuals, typically in the areas of disability rights, seniors` rights, and family law programs that provide legal assistance to immigrants, nonimmigrant visa applicants, refugee claimants, and lawful permanent residents seeking naturalization. Services are typically provided by non-profit immigration law firms and may include information and advice on benefits under immigration law, including procedures for obtaining student, visitor, and employment visas; family immigration; asylum status; lawful permanent resident status; or citizenship. Programs that provide support to those involved in disputes or legal actions that affect their family relationships. In our Southeast, volunteer lawyers participate in our legal report clinics. Volunteers use a screening tool to help clients identify legal issues and avoid future problems. For lawyers in the St. Paul area, SMRLS volunteers at the Ramsey County Court Housing Clinic. Clients receive free legal advice from a pro bono lawyer before heading into the courtroom for their first appearance. Clients can also seek emergency assistance at the clinic and meet with a mediator at the dispute resolution centre to reach an agreement in their case.

Provides free legal assistance in a wide range of civil cases, including:* Family* Government benefits* Housing* Refugees and immigrants* Education* Agricultural workers* Seniors* Consumer issues* Debts and creditors* Employment* Guardianship and conservancy* Real estate* Taxes Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services provides free, high-quality legal aid to low-income people in civil matters Reviews. For 113 years, we have helped individuals and families meet and protect their basic needs and stay free from hunger, homelessness, disease and abuse. Because justice is important. Programs that provide legal assistance to individuals who wish to establish employment practices for their organization, minimize or eliminate employment problems, or need to resolve a dispute or initiate or respond to disputes related to their role as employers or employees, rights and obligations. Labor and labor law addresses a variety of issues, including ADA compliance, wage and hour compliance, occupational health and safety, interview and hiring practices, employee contracts, benefits, maternity/paternity leave, medical leave, supervision, and discipline. privacy in the workplace, workplace violence, sexual harassment, wrongful dismissal and workers` compensation cases, and protection from a range of crimes committed by the employer, including wage theft, intentional misclassification of employees, circumvention of unemployment laws, and workers` compensation, trafficking in human beings, defamation, including false statements made by an employer during or after the termination process, violation of state laws protecting whistleblowers or other relevant laws. There are more than 3,000 eligible legal aid clients in Minnesota for every paid attorney. SMRLS is able to help more clients through our pro bono lawyer program. Volunteer lawyers work with our clients on a wide range of civil law matters. SMRLS refers cases to you according to the areas of activity you are interested in. Legal services range from simple advice to short services (for example, filling out a legal document for the client or writing a letter on behalf of the client) to full representation.

You decide which cases you accept, how much legal advice is provided and when you take a case. Free or low-cost legal services help people who cannot afford a lawyer access the court system. Programs that provide support to individuals who have cases of violations of federal and state laws that govern sales and lending practices involving consumer products, in situations where appeals to consumer complaints organizations have not resolved the issue. Consumer law cases concern misleading or unscrupulous advertising and sales practices, product quality, credit financing and reporting, debt collection, leasing contracts and other aspects of consumer transactions. Most of our voluntary cases concern the areas of consumer and debt collection, employment, family, estate planning, guardianship/curatorship, landlord/tenant and real estate, immigration and naturalization, estate, public benefits and taxes. SMRLS monitors COVID-19 safety recommendations issued by the government. Out of concern for the health and safety of our customers and employees, SMRLS asks our clients to contact us by email or phone instead of visiting our offices. SMRLS professional liability insurance covers pro bono lawyers who conduct pro bono cases. Offices and consultations with SMRLS lawyers are available. Volunteer lawyers can act as mentors for new pro bono lawyers. Volunteering with SMRLS is easy and fits your schedule. Sign up to volunteer and encourage others to join you in this important work.

Individuals (including owners, tenants who lease land use, or managers who work on a paid basis) who manage the activities of individuals who work on various farms, including arable farms, dairy farms, poultry farms, livestock farms, aquaculture farms, greenhouses, nurseries and woodlands. make and/or production, financial and marketing decisions related to agriculture and livestock; and may supervise cultivation, cultivation, harvesting and marketing activities. Not all SMRLS training is for CLE loans, although many are.

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