Son Legales Los Manos Libres Para Moto

“The use of certified or approved wireless devices intended for use in the safety helmet of motorcyclists and mopeds for communication or navigation purposes shall not be subject to the prohibition, provided that they do not endanger the safety of driving.” Some of these tasks can be thought of as distractions and we already know that distractions and speed don`t mix. Therefore, it is necessary to know what the DGT says about the legality of motorcycle intercoms before buying one. > New approval 22.06. Do I need to change my motorcycle helmet? In Spain, in article 18, section 2, entitled “Other obligations of the driver”, the General Highway Code establishes a regulation of the motorcycle intercom that may be of interest to us: first of all, we must remind you what© motorcycle intercoms are. Intercoms are electronic devices that allow us (in the broadest sense) to listen to music, listen to the radio, make and receive calls, communicate with our passengers or other motorists, and even record videos on certain models. All this, depending on the model and brand. Intercoms are very useful, especially when traveling by motorcycle or getting around. When choosing, it is also convenient to take into account the autonomy and range of the device. If we want to be able to communicate with other motorcyclists, it is very important to know the scope of the model we are evaluating, as well as its autonomy, so as not to be left halfway. One of the most egregious cases of this illegality, which directly affects motorcyclists, is that of intercoms; Accessories that are becoming more and more common, but that remain in a legal vacuum that fills many of its potential users with doubts and promotes the discretion of traffic officers. The penalty for the use of these devices is classified as a minor offense and is punishable by a fine of 200 as long as the law enforcement officer does not believe that other drivers have been seriously endangered. The communication needs of the modern world have reached all areas and traveling in our vehicle is no exception.

Hands-free systems allow communication without having to loosen the handlebars of the motorcycle. You can use it, but for them you can`t do it anyway, the time has come to demand the expulsion of the entire police collective, establishing it with better prepared, professional, serious and respectful people who translate more humanely Clarito, you can`t use the phone while driving unless you use a loudspeaker. Thanks to intercoms and hands-free systems approved for motorcycle helmets, we can now easily communicate with our contacts while riding. Well, what we have just commented on is the legislation that currently regulates us, intercoms are allowed as long as we use them as we have already explained, but in what quality are the GPS or georeference systems that we often use on our motorcycles? There are different types of these intercoms, specially designed for motorcyclists and for the practice of motorcycle tourism. These include features as interesting as the ability to communicate with other motorcyclists traveling with us, making the trip a unique experience. “-The will is and I know that Anesdor is indeed exacerbated so that this problem is resolved as quickly as possible, and there have already been some movements in the sense that the DGT has indicated that it has a clearer framework in this year 2021. We must bear in mind that Spain is today the only country in the European Union where this situation of illegality occurs, which ultimately affects users and industry, becoming discriminatory treatment towards other European motorcyclists. “You have to remember that there are models of headphones with built-in intercom.

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