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10 | Legal Awards 2022 Changing the landscape of the UK legal industry would be a monumental and incredibly challenging task. However, a small team of passionate and highly skilled British entrepreneurs are working to do just that. question of legal aims to provide an affordable and accessible solution for legal advice, especially in the wake of legal ® aid cuts and the desert of pay-as-you-go advice. offers a new approach to legal advice. Once completed, it hopes to offer the world`s first in-use digital legal advice service, providing on-demand advice in the eight key areas of UK law – employment law, property law, family law (including wills), contract law, motor law, criminal law, personal injury law and commercial law. There are plans to expand this range in the future. However, the company is currently preparing to launch its crowdfunding campaign, which will begin on September 5, 2023 – the United Nations International Day of Charity. The plan is to create a platform that works seamlessly on high-quality end-to-end encrypted internet portals and free mobile/tablet apps suitable for Apple and Android products. Information and advice will be available immediately – 24 hours a day, seven days a week – at a cost of £0.60 ppm. Plus, is unlike any other service as there is no minimum commitment or expense, meaning the client can choose exactly how much advice they need. In addition, the company plans to provide many free legal guides in each practice area, complemented by regular pro bono online consultation clinics. Of course, such an innovative idea requires strong support and a detailed plan on how to achieve the result. shows its methods on its website and covers all aspects of how this is to be achieved – it lists five points that detail each step. For example, the company already owns the Quegal`s Most Innovative Online Legal Services Provider 2022 brand in the UK, as well as the corresponding domain names. In addition, it strives to develop and patent its own “unique state-of-the-art software (without shared cloud, website flash, tracking cookies, advertising or robot assistants) and foresees a construction period of about 7 months. The company`s transparency on the use of the donations received puts it in a good light. During the campaign, plans to raise at least £1.5 million with no cap. It is claimed that donors will get a return of about 39% within 18 months. In addition, legal advice vouchers will be available for certain early investments, and the company plans to continue updating in this area. Investing in is a no-brainer – it`s a service that makes legal advice more accessible, affordable and understandable to the masses. In a world that is becoming increasingly expensive, this service will have a huge impact on the people who need it most. is a different kind of law firm. It challenges the status quo and targets the persistent and persistent reluctance of the entire profession to regulate quality, reduce costs, simplify advice and provide better access to clients. In addition, the company is supported by a small, passionate team determined to make a success. Made up of “tech-savvy British social entrepreneurs”, each team member holds a stake in the company and maintains a shared vision of democratising access to legal aid and advice for people Feb22623 and businesses. Together, they have a diverse arsenal of experience, including expertise in online consumption, web and application development, and legal practice. Essentially, there is no better team to create a service like Contact: Robert Quaranta Company: ~ A Matter of Legality ® Web Address: Following the lifting of the press embargo, the contact details of our SME winners will be published via the website, the award-winning magazine and the subscriber newsletter. On LinkedIn, one of his lawyers gave a moving acceptance speech. “I have been a rider since I was 18 months old,” she wrote.

“Throughout my legal career, I have been fortunate to combine my passion for horses and animals with my love of law.

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