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Are you a Quebec company looking to grow, protect, operate and finance your business here and around the world? Or a global company looking to break into the Quebec market? With international connections and extensive local experience, Dentons is your preferred legal partner when it comes to navigating the business world at home and abroad. In particular, our construction lawyers deal with: -construction litigation and professional liability; -termination of contracts for work performed; -legal hypothec (liens); -Contract negotiation, mediation, arbitration and interpretation; -representation before the RBQ, claims/fines before the CSST and the C.S.Q.; -Commercial leases and condominiums, incorporation, REQ, annual accounting, dissolution, mergers, purchase / sale of businesses, partnerships, financing, etc. Located in the heart of Montreal, our firm has more than 105 lawyers as well as consultants, paralegals and other professionals, all bilingual and dedicated to client service in various practice groups. Dentons (formerly Fraser Milner Casgrain) has strong roots in Quebec City and a rich history dating back to 1905, the cornerstone of Quebec`s legal community. Legal aid is intended to enable recipients of legal services to the extent provided for by laws and regulations. We take care of you from the beginning of the legal process, which saves you the tedious administrative tasks of preparing your own defense. Not to mention the time spent familiarizing yourself with the rules of the road and related jurisprudence. Mr. Bolivar`s legal services are particularly appreciated by Montreal`s Latin American community, as he is fluent in Spanish. His power of persuasion distinguishes him in every negotiation.

He has a passion for criminal law and does not hesitate to develop all possible legal scenarios that could lead to the acquittal of clients. Mr. Bolivar often relies on arguments based on violations of his clients` constitutional rights, such as arbitrary detention, unlawful seizure or violation of the right to a lawyer. Me Vallelonga is often available online or can be reached at 514-400-3208 Veronica Vallelonga is the leader of the family law team. A negotiator and excellent litigator, she helps clients who need a child protection lawyer or a family law lawyer. She has shown a talent for achieving the results for which she was hired. Our firm brings together lawyers working in most areas: criminal law, immigration law, civil law, family law, commercial law, labour law, construction law, ticketing and other areas. Before founding the law firm Cormier Simard, Mr. Luc was a prosecutor for the City of Montreal. He then joined the practice of a Montreal-based lawyer, where he practiced criminal law in often complex and publicly publicized cases. Finally, with Xavier Cormier, he founded the law firm Cormier Simard. To learn more about Mr.

Simard`s criminal practice, call us Québec: Certain amendments to Quebec`s Act respecting the protection of personal data in the private sector, introduced by Bill 64, will come into force on September 22, 2022. Do not hesitate to contact our free consulting services, offered remotely and by appointment: you can speak immediately to a civil lawyer in Montreal by calling us at 514-400-3208 Cormier Simard`s Legal Service in Montreal allows you to speak directly with a lawyer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 1-800-216-5029 or chat online. To avoid going to court, you can opt for mediation and use the services of a woman. Vaccaro so that it can lead you to the resolution of your conflict. They can help you reach an agreement that satisfies the parties and adequately informs you of your rights. Mediation is a means of conflict resolution that has many benefits for those who use it. Cormier Simard`s lawyers practice criminal law in the Montreal area and elsewhere. They can help you with charges of assault, shoplifting, sexual assault, drugs, fraud, impaired driving, possession of firearms, death threats, criminal harassment and many others. In order to determine the financial conditions of legal aid, the income, assets and liquidities of an applicant and those of his or her family members shall be taken into account. These three criteria (income, capital and cash) determine whether the applicant can obtain legal aid free of charge or on payment of a fee.

1 Place Ville Marie39th floorMontreal, Quebec H3B 4M7Canada Our lawyers have extensive experience in a variety of key practice and industry areas, including: PLEASE DO NOT SEND MAIL AND VISIT THE CLINIC OFFICES. If you are accused of a crime, Avocat Montréal will put you in direct contact with one of Cormier Simard`s lawyers 24 hours a day. This telephone or online consultation takes place immediately. A study of your ticket and an analysis of the summary report and evidence carried out by one or more specialized lawyers and dispute tickets specialized in law; (more…) Compile and research precedents and court decisions that suit you in addition to establishing the facts; Contact us to discuss your business law requirements with a lawyer in Montreal. You can reach Mr. Cormier at any time by phone at (514) 377-7168 and contact a Montreal building lawyer to discuss your situation. Canada: On May 24, 2022, the National Assembly of Québec adopted Bill 96 – An Act respecting French, the official and common language of Québec (the “Act”). The bill is expected to be approved in the coming days, which is the final step in making a bill law. A personal consultation with one of our lawyers who can negotiate for you or dispute all or part of your fines; In addition to our commitment to being a strong business partner to our customers, we build on our culture through initiatives and programs to promote inclusion, diversity and equity within the company.

Dentons also focuses on environmental, social and governance (ESG) and pro bono initiatives. Faculty of LawLegal ClinicP.C. 6128 Station Centre-villeMontreal, Quebec H3C 3J7 Income support recipients can apply for free legal aid services. Veronica Vallelonga is a proactive Montreal-based lawyer with extensive experience in challenging speeding and speeding tickets. Whatever the offence you are charged with in the Highway Traffic Act, Ms. Vallelonga will give you appropriate advice on how to avoid the consequences and your chances of success. A consultation at his Montreal office or a phone call with him can be quickly arranged to discuss with Ms. Vallelonga how to dispute your tickets. Why did we create Montréal Avocat? The fact is that people who need a lawyer are often in distress.

You want to get the advice of a lawyer quickly.

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