Modelo De Carta De Renuncia Al Cargo De Representante Legal

Dear user María Rodríguez, receive our warm greetings and we hope you will follow this blog and the Cuyenta on Twitter: @procondominios. With regard to the issue you raised, we would like to point out that, unfortunately, many officials in public registers and notaries give erroneous guidelines that, in the end, restrict citizens` rights. It would not be a problem for the neighbourhood association to renew its policy and update its documentation if it did. There is nothing in the law that prohibits it. In any case, you can use the document template of the civil union of habitat and habitat, which is included in this blog. In addition, we do not know the meaning of the LOPPM to which you refer. If you need our professional services for document preparation, please contact us at: Without further ado, for now, we subscribe with you. Sincerely, dear Mrs.

Yasmin, Thank you for contacting us. The case you mention is typical of condos, where people suffer from apathy and let others do it for them. What to do? Very simple! Get involved, do not resign yourself and work for and for the community with arguments, with ideas to cancel out these kinds of personalities who claim to govern because they meet neither resistance nor participation from other owners. Hello Dr. Viso I was recently elected to join the board of directors of my building. A position from which I resigned by letter to the Board of Directors and the Director due to disagreements with the latter, but after my resignation came other resignations from the positions one after the other and for various reasons. My question is: Can I come back to the board with a simple letter signed by the chair and vice-chair of the board? Thank you Hello doctor, greetings. The situation that arises in the building where I receive is as follows: for 2 months, the board of directors of the condominium resigned, they called a meeting to elect a new board of directors, and we went only 5 co-owners of 24, they placed a statement in the lobby of the building where they said they would elect the board by lot. Decision that I consider illegal, Unfortunately, I could not be present on the day of the “meeting”. But the administrator was not invited to this meeting, and it was not published in the press.

During this draw, I was appointed secretary. I do not want this position or another because I was treasurer of the previous council. The reason why I am leaving the position is exclusively related to professional reasons. With this letter, I would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in me at the beginning of our working relationship and during the (many) years that I have been part of the company. The projects I have led and participated in have always been enriching and have enriched me professionally and personally. The termination letter must be a document with a concise and short text informing the company of your resignation. It is not necessary to write pages and pages, it should only take one page in which you state very clearly the following: I hereby inform you of the irrevocable decision to submit my resignation for the position of (name of position) previously held in your company for professional reasons. Indicate that, in full knowledge of all the obligations of both parties, I comply with the deadline for notice to the Company within the 15-day period established by law. Dear Mrs.

Moncada, The text regarding your co-ownership document reflects Article 18 of Venezuela`s Horizontal Property Law. To your question, we answer: The meeting can directly choose who will be the chair of the condominium board, or limit itself to electing the principal members, so they must then elect him at their first regular meeting and let him sit in the minutes of the board. We prefer that it be elected at the legally constituted meeting of owners, so that it is recorded in the owners` contract book at meetings, which is usually requested in banks and other public and private institutions associated with the building by its board of directors. In short, both ways can make him faithful. You can request our services by: and 04248178841. Sincerely, Rafael Ángel Viso Ingenuo Inpreabogado: 40.236 We recommend that you resist: that you report the irregularities of this person to the other co-owners and that you prepare an action plan to request the convening of the meeting of owners; the person in charge of the dwelling or, if this is not possible, a court in the municipality where the immovable is located, to dismiss that person as a member of the board of directors and appoint another person who really wants to work away from the gossip, rumours and zeal of the protagonist. There are contradictory people, that is, if they do not have conflict in their daily lives, they feel bad. They are people with many complexes and with many limitations to establish correct relationships with others. And they should not be in such positions, such as that of a condominium board, because they hinder normal work and affect the quality of life of an entire community. Well, that`s in the past! With CONDOMINIO EXPRESS, you are guaranteed to succeed in your work as administrator or legal manager of the management of the condominium. By subscribing to SOFTWARE EXPRESS, C.A., you can use in “the cloud”, ONLINE, this technological tool, with the security of the data and information processed and you get: Happy afternoon greetings friend I need help regarding a circumstance that I have as a whole The president of the condominium has her daughter who works as secretary of the ensemble.

Is it legal? It`s possible. Also, just at Easter, when more people come, q gave permission on Thursday and Friday without consulting the council. Thanks in advance for your help. 1) You cannot resign from a position that has no legal existence or legal support in your choice. If the council of co-ownership has not been elected according to the legal procedure given by its appointment by the meeting of owners legally convened for these purposes, the council of co-owners simply does not exist.

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