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Note: We cannot interpret employment contracts, provide legal advice or file personal complaints on your behalf. For legal advice, please consult a lawyer or visit your local community law centres. We support employees, employers and employment lawyers with special information pages for employees and employers. Our first consultation is free, so you can call us for a conversation on our free 0800 number 0800 HELP ME (0800 435 763) or inform of your situation via email, without worrying that this conversation will use your hard-earned savings for that first chat. Subject to our terms and conditions. You may need to seek legal help or arrange mediation. We now have over 370 online reviews about us and the service we offer. The last time we checked, it was about ten times more than any other person or organisation providing employment law advice in New Zealand. We invite you to read online reviews from the people you`re considering for help with your job-related issue, and then decide what others say is best for you. Our reviews can be found on This guide provides information about your minimum leave and statutory leave entitlements.

A personal complaint is a legal document. Therefore, it is a very good idea to have a labour lawyer or a lawyer who specializes in employment law do it for you. Don`t call us for help with employment law. Mediators can help employers and employees find their own solution to employment problems. If one of us thinks there might be a problem in our job, the first step is to check the facts and make sure there really is a problem and not just a misunderstanding. You may want to discuss a situation with someone else to clarify if there is a problem, but in doing so, you must ensure that you respect the privacy of other employees and managers and protect the employer`s confidential information. For example, you can request information from: Encouraging people to focus on a solution can help you resolve the situation pragmatically without anyone spending a fortune on legal or advocacy fees. I am able to do this because of my experience in mediation. I another site dedicated to this subject. Once you`ve looked at the material you`re interested in, I recommend exploring what I have to say about the other half of my site. that is, employees read employer information and employers read employee information.

Advance Settlement is a toll-free telephone service available to employers and employees. The online application and booking process is easy to use. All information provided will be treated confidentially. “The Industrial Relations Authority has made it clear that it is the employer`s duty to ensure that it follows its own policies and necessary legal procedures, and if this does not happen, an employee always has a valid claim,” Specialized help in finding an agreement Advice on labour law and legal affairs. Knowledge and understanding of minimum rights will help protect employees at work. Sick leave – what to do if employees and their loved ones are sick or injured? The law requires that each employment contract contain a simple explanation of the services available to resolve problems related to the employment relationship (see example below). 0800Dismissed can provide advice and support to employees facing an employment complaint. Our team of employment law experts negotiates a complete and final settlement agreement with an employer, participates in mediation and prepares you for the settlement process.

The Department of Business, Innovation and Employment`s (EIMB) Early Resolution Service is a toll-free telephone service for workers and employers that provides assistance in resolving a workplace issue early, quickly and informally before it becomes too serious or requires a more formal process. I help employees and employers solve employment problems. This is done either directly or through the labour lawyer or the other party`s lawyer, the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment, the Labour Relations Authority or the Labour Court. If your physical safety is not at risk, it is best to seek advice before reacting to a situation. Many workers and employers are first and foremost right about what they did or their interpretation of what happened. However, they have often let themselves down by responding with communication that has either drastically reduced the strength of their case or dug a hole from which they are now struggling to escape. This tool is intended for employees who wish to apply for parental leave. Over the past twelve years, up to the end of September 2022, I have personally settled 1,701 disputes, 1,603 of which have resulted in the parties resolving their disputes as a result of our negotiations. That`s a success rate of nearly 95%. I also received 54 decisions from the Industrial Relations Authority (ERA), of which 36/47 as an employee representative and 4/7 as an employer representative.

There have been three labour court rulings representing employees, which I have also won. My website is divided into two separate sections, one for employers and one for employees. One of my differences from other labour law specialists and labour lawyers is that I am solution-oriented and proud to be able to review a dispute on both sides. Early settlement is available and can be used free of charge for employees and employers. Just like a labour lawyer, a labour lawyer can be your legal representative in mediation. We make sure you are ready to participate and will present your case. We can often negotiate an exit with your employer or employment lawyer before mediation. Unfair dismissal or unfair dismissal occurs when a worker is dismissed from his or her job in a severe, unfair or inappropriate manner. We can act on your behalf if you have been dismissed without due process. In order to ensure the safety of our employees and parties and to help reduce the transmission of the COVID-19 virus in New Zealand, from Monday 23 March 2020, the standard method of providing mediation services will be telephone mediation.

“Danny thanks you for all your help over the past few months in dealing with my wrongful release. I believe you have gone far beyond what was expected or should have been expected” If something has happened to you at work and you need immediate help, call me free 24/7 (also from your mobile phone) on 0800 HELP ME (0800 435 763). You can call me anytime, even outside normal business hours, weekends and holidays. If I am not available because I am in mediation, at an industrial relations authority hearing, in a meeting with a labour lawyer or after work, leave a short message and I will call you back at my next opportunity. This will either be during my next break or as soon as I receive your message and normal business hours resume. If you prefer to send me an SMS, send your SMS to 021 77 1919. After collective bargaining, you must send us a signed PDF copy of the ratified agreement. We advise you on what to do next and we can often work for you on a conditional basis / also called No Win No Fee. If we want our working relationship to be as fruitful as possible, it is important that we deal effectively with all the problems that arise. This procedure provides information on how to raise and work on issues. If we are not able to solve the problem by talking to each other, we all have a number of options: virtually any employment situation can be resolved amicably with people like me or another lawyer or labour lawyer, provided both parties are willing to be pragmatic, fair, reasonable and able to communicate effectively.

You may be able to take time off work to care for your new child. To take parental leave, you must meet the six- or twelve-month requirement. You can now calculate the parental leave you or your partner are entitled to using the parental leave eligibility tool. Online guide to help you understand minimum holidays and holiday rights. Save yourself costs and try to communicate with the other party first. If you do nothing, I can guarantee you at least one result – that result is nothing! If that doesn`t work or you feel uncomfortable doing so, be sure to contact me on 0800 HELP ME (0800 435 763), fill out the quick confidential contact form on the right or email me directly to Personal complaint – how an employee can file a formal complaint against their employer. a) Dismissal related to trade unions – membership, participation in activities, refusal of membership. All en route travel and the provision of personal services will be suspended until further notice. If you are outside New Zealand, you can call us on +64 9 969 2950. If you believe that termination may be unfair, you should contact us.

Call us today on 0800 347 647 to discuss the potential for successful unfair dismissal – remember: no profit, no fees! We do this because every employee deserves access to justice. Every job advocate on our team is professional and caring. Just like employment lawyers, we are experts in the field of employment law in New Zealand. The procedural requirements for the right to dismiss vary from case to case: has your employer thoroughly investigated the case? Have you had a chance to explain your side of the story before a decision was made? Have you been informed of your right to appeal the decision? Have you been offered the opportunity to have a support representative or representative present? Has an impartial person with the power to do so decided the outcome? If it is a personal complaint, you must raise it or bring it to your attention within 90 days of the occurrence of the incidents that gave rise to the complaint.

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