Best Colorado Legal Muzzleloader

Although similar in many ways to the PowerBelt AeroLite bullet line, PowerBelt Platinum mouth magazine balls are more solidly designed, heavier and have a higher ballistic coefficient. In addition, platinum balls are designed to be used with a “magnum” powder (load of 110-150gr). In fact, I found that platinum balls fired powder more accurately with a magnum charge than with a standard charge (100 grains) of powder. For these reasons, PowerBelt Platinum muzzle-loading projectiles are better suited for shooting at a longer range (more than 200 meters) and/or hunting larger game species. Plus, the Thompson Center Impact is inexpensive, making it a great mouth loader for hunters of all experience levels and budgets. If you`re looking for the best mouthfeer for young hunters, then look no further than the Buckstalker Youth Traditions. Just like the newly streamlined Traditions Buckstalker XT, the young model weighs just 6.35 pounds and, with a short train length of 13″ and a total length of 39,” has a large compact muzzle loader for a small frame hunter. It also uses the same manual safety that includes both a hammer block and a trigger block safety like the Buckstalker XT, so the Buckstalker Youth is also incredibly safe. Before you start, you should know that depending on the rotation (which can vary from model to model), the exact size of the bore of your front magazine (which may vary slightly from rifle to rifle), the amount and type of propellant, and the specific primer of the magazine by the mouth you are using, you`ll probably find that your front loader prefers some bullets, others, however, don`t. The Optima is CVA`s mid-range front loader above the Wolf V2 CVA and below the Accura V2 CVA.

As might be expected, this is a great front loader for those new to the world of mouth chargers, as well as for those who are more experienced. That`s a good point, Cree. I`m sorry to hear what happened to you and the NitroFire Traditions. For anyone considering buying the NitroFire, here`s a link to find out if it`s legal to use where you hunt. John Dies is one of the best mouth loaders that CVA currently manufactures for full moose and deer hunting, and is well suited for hunting white-tailed deer east of the Mississippi, as well as tine deer, elk and mule deer in the west. Please check your government`s regulations regarding Nitro Fire. This system is NOT legal in the state of Wisconsin. I was excited to enter the world of mouth magazines and contacted the WDNR about this rifle.

I was told that this system is not allowed because it does not have a breach plug. The Smackdown XR Traditions is currently one of the most popular balls among deer hunters who use traditional front-end magazines. With the Traditions Ridgeback Sabot and a relatively high BC (for a front loader ball), the Smackdown XR is a highly aerodynamic mouthfighting ball specially developed for use with a deer-sized game. These balls offer an excellent balance between short and wide range performance with a relatively flat trajectory and impactful terminal effects. The Impact is an entry-level front loader for T/C. Like the CVA Wolf, while the Impact is a great mouth charger for those new to the world of mouth loader, it`s still powerful enough and will work great for the vast majority of mouth loader hunters. Add it all up, and the traditions Vortek Strikerfire LDR is a very well designed modern front loader that is lightweight, easy to carry and capable of achieving excellent accuracy. Oh by the way, it also has a Cerakote finish for corrosion resistance. Available in 270 and 350 grain configurations, the Federal BOR is an excellent versatile front-loader ball. So, if you want the absolute best mouth loader for hunting over long distances, then you should really consider the Paramount CVA.

CVA markets the Paramount line as capable of catching big game at distances of more than 300 meters due to the incredible accuracy of the front loader and the relatively flat trajectories that hunters can get during use. The first reviews of the Paramount CVA and the PowerBelt ELR were very positive, with the projectile receiving very good marks due to its impressive trajectory and incredible accuracy. That is, these balls are not limited to use in the Paramount CVA. In fact, I`ve heard excellent reports from hunters with other .45 caliber muzzle loaders that have achieved excellent results with the PowerBelt ELR. Speaking of bullets, CVA has also partnered with PowerBelt to develop a number of new extremely aerodynamic muzzle magazine projectiles specifically for paramount: the PowerBelt Extended Long Range (ELR) .40 caliber 225gr bullet, the PowerBelt ELR .45 caliber 285gr bullet and the PowerBelt ELR .50 caliber 330gr bullet. Each version of the PowerBelt ELR has a very high BC, so they store energy and resist wind deflection exceptionally well. Combined with the very high speeds that can be achieved using supermagnum powder loading, the result is a very flat projectile trajectory for a front-facing magazine, which rivals the trajectory of some center-fire rifle cartridges.

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