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Legal Age to Stay at Home

Before leaving your child home alone, consider the important variables that are unique to your situation: your child`s physical and emotional maturity; how left they are left to fend for themselves; how long you plan to leave them alone; if there are younger siblings to consider; and the safety of your neighbourhood. (For more …

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Legal Age to Hunt in Ny

For more information on public hunting grounds and where to find public hunting grounds in New York State, hunters can visit the DEC New York website for maps of public hunting grounds, wildlife management areas, state lands, and conservation easements. As part of the final version of the New York State budget, there is …

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Legal Age to Donate Blood Donor

If you are unsure whether you are eligible to donate blood, please complete our Deferral or Eligibility Request Form and our Donor and Patient Services team will contact you. Information on blood donation and the Covid-19 vaccine can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions on Covid-19 and Blood Donation. The U.S. Food and …

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