Which of the following Are the Basic Legal Requirements for Setting up an Llc Quizlet

Write the answers to the following problem in the working papers. Southwest Tours Co. is a travel agency. The nine transactions recorded by Southwest Tours in May 2012, the first month of operation, are reported in the following T accounts: Equipmentbegin{array}{c} textbf{equipment} end{array} Equipment (1)40,000(2)2.000(7)10.000(3)3.600(4)2.700(6)9.000(9)4.000begin{array}{lr|lr} hline (1)&40.000&(2)&2.000 (7)&10.000&(3)&3.600 &&(4)&2.700 &&(6)&9.000 &&(9)&4.000 end{array} (1)(7)40,00010,000(2)(3)(4)(6)(9) 2 0003 6002 7009 0004 000 Legally, a criminal offence is a criminal offence against (a) the victim (b) society (c) the court (d) none of the above answers Put a plus sign (+) in the appropriate column if the classification is increased. Use the unadjusted test balance to determine the bottom line. Customer AccountsBegin{Array}{C} textbf{Customer Accounts} end{Array} Customer Accounts. A company is currently producing the desired level of production. Its marginal product of labor is 400, its marginal product of capital is $1,000, the wage rate is $20, and the rent of capital is $100. In this case, firm A. would have to use more capital and more labour. employ less labour and less capital. C.

use less labour and more capital. D. use less capital and more labour. E. do not change their allocation of capital and labour. (3)18.000begin{array}{lr|lr} hline (3)&18.000&&&&& end{array} (3)18.000. Cashbegin{array}{c} textbf{Cash} end{array} Cash Service Revenuebegin{array}{c} textbf{Service Revenue} end{array} Service Revenue. Mickey O`Dell, Zeichnungbegin{array}{c} textbf{Mickey O`Dell, Zeichnung} end{array} Mickey O`Dell, Zeichnung (6)9.000(3)14.400begin{array}{lr|lr} hline (6)&9.000&(3)&14.400 end{array} (6)9.000(3)14.400. Operatingbegin{array}{c} textbf{Operating cost} end{array} Operating costs.

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