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New Leaf Moving Group is a family-owned business or brokerage firm based in Florida. They have successfully coordinated measures in the United States. It was founded in 2020 and operates legally under the umbrella of the Relocation Management Group. They have a dedicated team that puts customer satisfaction above all else. Once you contact them about your move, they will plan, organize, and execute everything. The goal is national resettlement; They serve up to 48 states. Since each movement is different, their prices differ from one customer to another. As a newly founded moving company, New Leaf Service Pro has made a name for itself in the industry. You can compete with long-term moving companies in Florida. They take care of household items and commercial removals. New Leaf is a family business that markets a stress-free move. They boast a commitment to creating the best moving process. The New Leaf Moving Group can also put you in touch as a broker with an established mover in your area.

They keep their headquarters in South Florida, but they can help customers from all corners of the state. They pride themselves on creating the best and most stress-free movement process. So far, reviews of New Leaf Moving show competitive pricing and a well-coordinated moving process. While they focus primarily on interstate removals, they can also facilitate local removals. They promote environmentally friendly exercise habits. They recycle moving supplies and also encourage you to donate things you rarely use instead of bringing them to the new location. These are some of the features that set them apart from other companies that have been around for many years. They use a well-organized schedule to make sure you are relocated on time. They say they can handle any type of movement you have. The only service they don`t offer is international moving. Every step in the 48 U.S.

they can handle. If you are having trouble or have a lot of personal belongings, be sure to let them know. They will tell you if they can`t find anyone who meets your needs. Here is the quote I originally received from Mr. John Campbell in the amount of $8,958.16. And I had already made a deposit of $3,468 on the initial offer of $8,958.16. However, on the day of my move (23/06/2022), New Leaf didn`t stick to the original offer and instead wanted to charge me $17,000 with two separate discounts at $15,666. After turning down the $15,666, moving companies that may not even have been affiliated with the New Leaf company because they claimed to be from PROSPERITY or something similar. The foreman himself came with a Tesla and the 3 workers came with a very small UHail truck, knowing that I had a 20×20 storage unit, the foreman called his boss and reduced it to $14,000 and change. I rejected it again because it was not the original written quote from New Leaf.

The foreman who came to camp today asked for a warrant or cash. I refused their services. Shortly after, I received an email from New Leaf saying that my deposit would be forfeited because I was cancelling the move. I responded to their email explaining why I had turned down their services. Shortly after replying to their rejection email, I realized that they had deleted my original contract. I was no longer able to access my original contract by clicking on the link provided to me by New Leaf. Previously, I had taken a screenshot of the first page and kept it as proof. I have all the evidence that what New Leaf is doing is completely illegal. When I looked closely at online reviews, I realized that a lot of people were getting ripped off. They put customers in a desperate situation and then raise their price on moving day. What New Leaf is doing is fraudulent and I hope they get caught ripping people off. Please don`t trust New Leaf with your hard-earned money.

Thanks for reading. Coordinate business moves in a timely manner with the help of our courteous commercial moving experts The New Leaf Moving Group is not BBB accredited and has received 21 complaints since the company opened in 2020. Their BBB ratings are currently 1.47 out of 5 stars. This could mean that the cost of New Leaf Moving Group`s long-distance moving services to move between states is more expensive, at about 18% of the market average. They have embraced a “green” marketing niche that encourages environmentally friendly moving habits, such as recycling moving materials and donating rarely used items when possible, rather than moving them. I entrusted my home to the New Leaf Moving Group, my life-long objects that mean the world to me. I have moved 4 times in the last 7 years using Two Guys and Syracuse moving companies without any problems. The people at New Leaf were helpful, offering a good price, a trustworthy voice and promises. Also, the timing was ideal for my move across the country, so I went with them. I am 65 years old and I can afford to lose inanimate objects.

But trust and good work are things that should be pursued, and his ill-fated New Leaf Moving has not followed these fundamental ideals of the company. When I received the group of about 480 square feet of boxes and items that I sent from Connecticut, 45 of the 60 boxes were damaged.

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