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Once the transaction is complete, please contact the legal department at 366-2937 with the ticket number(s) to make an appointment. Thank you very much. Provide advice and support to forward naval forces, regional and tenant commands in the Western Pacific and Indian Ocean, as well as military justice, mutual legal assistance and command services in a timely manner. Naval Base Guam is a United States naval base located on the west coast of the island of Guam in the port of Apra. The base is part of a larger naval presence on the island known as the Mariana Common Region, which unites both Naval Base Guam and Andersen Air Force Base to the north. The Guam Naval Base is one of the fastest growing U.S. military installations in the world. The expansion carries both opportunities and risks for the military stationed here. As Guam assumes a greater role in U.S.

military operations in the region, the risk of being court-martialed will only increase. The Andersen Air Force Base Legal Office provides free legal assistance in personal civil matters to eligible beneficiaries, including active or retired military personnel and their dependents. Examples of personal civil law issues include adoption, long-term care, financial responsibility, family relations, the Civil Military Assistance Act (CARS), veterans` re-employment rights, landlord-tenants and accident matters. The highest priority is given to Air Force members who require mission-related mobilization or legal assistance. Provide comprehensive legal services to support Team Andersen`s employees, operations, preparedness and modernization in peacetime, emergencies and war. Office of the Staff Judge Advocate: Staff in the Legal Office advises commanders on matters of military justice, civil law, labour law, contracts, environmental law, claims and civilian ancillary measures. lawyers can provide legal advice, conduct general document reviews, draft and send correspondence on behalf of clients, and assist clients in creating forms. However, lawyers cannot represent clients in judicial or administrative proceedings or draft or file legal documents with a court. By appointment only, please call 366-2937 to make an appointment.

For E5 members and officers, please access the following link: Please complete the first two information sessions under “Before Moving”. The second briefing is provided for informational purposes only. After completing the form, please send the certificate of completion (from the first briefing) by e-mail to the Org-Box in Go to or call the Claims Service Centre. Today, Naval Base Guam will host one of the largest peacetime troop movements in U.S. history. Once the plan goes into effect, thousands of Okinawa Marines could soon be permanently stationed in Guam, bringing the total number of U.S. forces to more than 10,000. Guam became a U.S. territory in the early 20th century.

But calls from the military to fortify the island went unanswered for decades after its acquisition. During World War II, the island was invaded by the Japanese and then occupied until 1944, when American forces stormed the island by force. It was only after the war that the U.S. Navy built the Guam Naval Base on the same site where the U.S. Marine Corps barracks once stood in Apra Harbor. For wills, click the Legal Worksheet tab and scroll down to select the Wills Worksheet tab. At the end of the worksheet, you will receive a ticket number. For proxies, please complete a worksheet on the website above. Guam is no longer the sleepy island it once was.

The massive expansion of U.S. forces, combined with a huge tourism boom, has made Guam a hotbed of court martial. Point surgeries targeting drug-related crimes, sex crimes and fraud are common. Violent crimes such as assault and physical assault are less common, but still widespread. Allegations of sexual assault are also widespread. For E4 and below members, it is mandatory to complete the Smooth Move briefing with the Airman and Family Readiness Center (A&FRC). Please call 366-8136 to make an appointment. Most of the Pacific region is prevalent with NCIS stab surgeries targeting sex crimes, drug-related crimes, and fraud. Allegations of sexual assault are also common at the Guam naval base and throughout the region. Violent crime, although less common, is still widespread. Please contact the Legal Department at DSN 366-2937/(671) 366-2937 or by email.

Click on the “Legal Worksheet” tab, then scroll down to select “Power of attorney”. Select the appropriate tab for the appropriate power of attorney. Please note that ticket numbers are case sensitive. LEGAL ADVICE (by appointment only) Monday 1330 – 1630 Wednesday 0900 – 1130 NOTAR Monday, Thursday & Friday 0830 – 1630 Walk-in Tuesday 0830 – 1300/1600 – 1630 Walk-in Wednesday 0830 – 1400/1500 – 1630 Walk-in *Please note that ticket numbers are case sensitive. Steps to file household goods and other claims: WILL (date only) Thursday 0900 – 1130 (bring ticket number) We travel to Guam several times a year. As the number of military personnel continues to increase in the coming years, we plan to fly even more to the island. All legal advisors, wills, powers of attorney and notarial services are only possible by appointment. For safety reasons, wearing a mask is mandatory and no walk-in services are offered. DSN: 315- 366-2937 Communication: 671-366-2937 Email: 36 WG / JA – Andersen AFB, Guam Notary visiting hours are Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Click here for powers of attorney for self-help – legal services remain available by appointment. – Notarial Services – Self-help powers of attorney and other simple notarial services are available without an appointment.

Closing documents, custom powers of attorney and real estate powers of attorney are available by appointment.

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