Bocconi University Requirements

– Study at a university that ranks highly in the most prestigious international rankings To complement higher education in countries outside India, many foreign universities have made qualification of the IELTS or TOEFL language test compulsory. To be admitted to Bocconi University, applicants must have a command of English, so the IELTS qualification with band 7+ is mandatory to receive admission to this university. If you graduated in English, you don`t need to qualify for another language certification. On the other hand, you can also apply with Cambridge tests such as CPA, CAE, etc. Since 2007, the university has had 20 permanent research centers and four research project centers. Bocconi is a member of the Offshoring Research Network, an international network that studies the offshoring of business processes and services. Bocconi University (Italian: Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi, [universiˈta kkommerˈtʃaːle luˈiːdʒi bokˈkoːni]) is a private university located in Milan, Italy. Bocconi provides training in economics, finance, law, management, political science, public administration and computer science. SDA Bocconi, the university`s business school, offers MBA and Executive MBA programs. Another three-year bachelor`s program is the Bachelor of International Politics and Government (BIG), the first degree in Political Science and International Relations offered by the university. Bocconi University offers a multitude of bachelor`s, master`s and postgraduate courses in finance, economics, management, law, public administration and political science. SDA Bocconi, the university`s business school, offers MBA and Executive MBA programs in a number of specializations.

In addition, research programs conducted at the university under the direction of well-known faculty members who specialize in various fields are well funded by national and international institutions. Founded in 1902, Bocconi University was the first university in Italy to offer degrees in business and economics, and today, after more than a century of development and expansion, Bocconi is widely recognized as one of Europe`s leading universities and research institutions in the fields of management, economics, finance, data science, cyber risk and political science. Bocconi constantly strives to combine a strong theoretical background with real-world applications and attract the kind of talented students who are potential future leaders. Bocconi has a special offer of scholarships for international students. The university offers merit awards and international awards for students pursuing a degree and postgraduate studies. Merit scholarships include full tuition coverage for one year, while international scholarships include a 50% fee waiver for bachelor`s and master`s programs. Student residences include the Bocconi Residence, the Javotte Residence, the Dubini Residence, the Spadolini Residence, the Arcobaleno Residence, the more modern Isonzo Residence, the Bligny Residence and the new Castiglioni Residence (inaugurated in 2018) and the former Kramer Residence (now closed). The type of accommodation varies from one residence to another and the choice is between single rooms in apartments for one, two or four people. The residences also offer services for students such as cleaning service, laundry rooms, study rooms, parking.

However, many students choose to rent easy-to-find private apartments in the university district. The university offers four three-year bachelor`s degree programs in economics, which have common ground in the first three semesters and then differ from each other by focusing on either finance (CLEF)[10], social sciences (CLES)[11] or business administration (CLEAM); [12] The fourth course is taught entirely in English (BIEF) and is aimed at both international students and students seeking an international career. Students in this course have the choice of studying economics, management or finance during their studies. [13] Bocconi University is consistently ranked as the best university in Italy in its fields and one of the best in the world. In 2021, QS World University Rankings ranked the university 7th in the world and 2nd in Europe in economics and management studies[2], as well as No. 1 in economics and econometrics outside the UNITED States and the United Kingdom. (16th in the world). [3] All applications and documents must be submitted digitally via the MyApplication portal by clicking and clicking Apply. Applicants will be asked to create an account. SDA Bocconi (Italian: Scuola di Direzione Aziendale Bocconi, lit. “Bocconi School of Management”) is the university`s graduate business school and offers internationally recognized MBA programs that are highly rated by the Financial Times and Forbes magazine. The school is also the publisher of E&M (Economia & Management), a popular Italian business and management journal.

Bocconi University is one of the leading universities in Italy. The acceptance rate at Bocconi University is slightly high compared to other universities. However, the most sought-after courses such as finance and management are hard to find. The university ranks among the top 10 universities in the world, making it difficult for students to get a place. Imagine studying in a country with outstanding historical sites, a multicultural vibe, affordable tuition, and the best pizza in the world! With its great artistic culture and amazing gastronomy, Italy is also one of the best destinations in Europe for higher education due to its world-renowned academic institutions. Whether it`s an MBA, a degree in art, music, or history, there are dozens of leading universities across the country. One of these leading universities in the economic heart of Italy is Bocconi University.

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