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Image: DRB62These shocking and sometimes uplifting headlines summarize some of the most important historical events that have occurred since newspapers became popular and accessible to people around the world. Extraordinary titles like these are incredibly powerful, thanks in large part to their brevity: in a few words, each conveys a message of historical significance to a potentially wide audience. When we read these headlines today, we are emotionally brought back to how we felt when we first heard this news. It`s a sad reality of the human condition that big news is usually bad news: only five of the headlines we review here accompany positive stories. Headlines are there to sell newspapers, and it seems that death is more profitable for the press than hope or success. Nevertheless, in addition to the headlines about war, natural disasters, and murders, below you`ll find headlines about hope and overcoming adversity. “How on earth do monks end up being Greece`s best chance for a Harvard Business School case study?” Michael Lewis comes to the country to find out and discovers a particular kind of tax madness. Wealthy Western couples flock to India, where the medical tourism industry offers the best deal on a vital product: the uterus. These must-reads are my personal tips for the best non-fiction book of 2010 The Best Surfer in the World, why he should be a bigger star and why he is not.

In the northwestern San Juan Islands, best known for their killer whales and Microsoft retirees, a teenage refugee mocked local authorities, allegedly stole cars, flew for getaways and broke into holiday homes. His ability to escape the police and survive in the forest earned him the status of a folk hero. But some wonder if the 18-year-old will come out of the hunt alive. The elderly master, probably the best non-fiction author in the world, reflects on his career and method. Years ago, when the faculty of New York University ranked the best journalism of the 20th century, they developed selections whose classic character is undeniable. The list topped the list by John Hersey`s “Hiroshima,” a feat of reporting that used novel-like techniques to tell the stories of six atomic bomb survivors; he occupied an entire issue of New York magazine in 1946. Second place went to Rachel Carson`s “Silent Spring,” the early warning of human-caused damage to the planet. The Washington Post`s coverage of Watergate was also on the list. Was he the best table tennis player of all time? Marty Reisman says this is how he would have been remembered if the game hadn`t been picked up by whipper-nappers with newfangled paddles. So late in life, he began to challenge some of the best in the sport with only one condition: old-school equipment.

An imaginary response by Mick Jagger to Keith Richards` recently published memoirs. It`s Slate at its best: inventive, intelligent and accurate in its cultural analysis. While highlighting the Success of the Times in the Digital Age, we`d also like to share your voices. We have selected some of our best works or collections of works published since we started offering digital subscriptions in 2011. Based on the duo`s groundbreaking coverage #MeToo for the New York Times in 2017, it`s a “perfect introduction to how to take a breakup story to the minute and examine it with the best and most honorable journalistic practices.” The unit best known for killing Osama bin Laden has been transformed into a global search engine with limited external surveillance. An investigation into the unexplained deaths of people with intellectual disabilities in Group Homes in New York City. Finalist for a Pulitzer Prize in 2012. THE PANORAMA OF SAN FRANCISCOCould Is it that the best chance to save a young family from foreclosure is a 28-year-old Pakistani-American lawyer who learned bankruptcy law on the Internet? Wells Fargo, You Never Knew What Hit You by Wajahat Ali These essays, published in 2019, have collectively sparked a culture war in America as they explore the beginning of American slavery.

The project, the judges said, “reshapes the country`s history by placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the center of our national narrative.” By taking Glenn Beck`s ideas seriously, the author comes closer than anyone else to understanding what motivates the Fox News host and his bizarre brand of cable and talk radio. In Mendocino County, California, pot is king — and its growers face complications like no other American farmer. 3. Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey: “She said: Breaking the history of sexual harassment that helped spark a movement.” THE NEW YORK TIMESThe 36-hour dinner by Michael Pollan The annual list of our travel section, with the support of readers who gave recommendations for each destination. The rape of American prisoners by David Kaiser and Lovisa Stanow When Barack Obama won the White House and campaigned in part against the anarchy of the Bush administration, he appointed Eric Holder as attorney general. Two years later, the man in charge of cleaning up the Justice Department and shutting down Gitmo was embarrassed at every turn. Sex trafficking thrives in Houston – and many of the people who work there are not much better off than slaves. THE ATLANTICGod will help you.

You are on dialysis. by Robin Fields Our coverage of the quake included an investigation into errors that were covered up by authorities. A graph showed the extent of the damage. Finalist for a Pulitzer Prize in 2012. THE TIMES OF LONDONThe British prisoner of war who broke into Auschwitz — and survived Jake Wallis Simon`s bluefin tuna — can swim up to 40 miles per hour, travel thousands of miles long and thrive everywhere, from the tropics to the cold subarctic seas. Unfortunately, they may not survive long enough to be seen by your grandchildren. THE OBSERVERVideo Games: Tom Bissell`s The Addiction THE NEW YORK TIMESA bully finds a chair on the web by David Segal A school dropout continues his studies at a law library, sues for access to his trial records, confronts witnesses who testified against him and proves the corruption of the prosecutor who wrongly convicted him. In a year in which several profiles of Andrew Breitbart were exposed, this one was the most remarkable – a look at the man behind the bombast and.

As scientists decode their genomes, we look at the scientific, legal, and ethical hurdles to save them from extinction. DESIGN OBSERVERAll these numbers: Logistics, Territory and Walmart by Jesse Lecavelier THE WEEKLY STANDARDThe Boy of Yazoo City by Andrew Ferguson. How web content farms produce empty calorie content that spoils your Google results. It was one of the few accurate titles printed the day after the sinking of the Titanic. Journalists from some other newspapers have always denied that a ship considered unsinkable could have failed in such a catastrophic way: the Daily Mirror reported: “Everyone safe” and the Daily Mail “No lives lost”. The mysterious religious organization that serves many of the most powerful people in Washington DC. “In Japan, food portions are small, women`s shoulders are modestly covered, and Pamela Anderson`s breasts are not a certified national obsession. This makes Hooters` allusive version of the family meal a strange fit that the channel`s Japanese team had to drag into reality. What hobby has conquered Tom Bissell`s world more than his cocaine habit? Play Grand Theft Auto. Lawrence Rosen`s INTERESSEnderstanding Corruption. In the frightening world of American warrior snipers, “the special talents and torments of the sniper” and how they treat them. In america`s most notorious prison system, the rarest thing has happened – a push for reform that has actually worked. AMERICAN SCIENTISTTo See For One`s Self by Darin L. Wolfe Two armies of physicists are fighting to get closer to the Higgs boson, the great white whale of modern science. He was a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize in 2014. THE GUARDIANOn Taking Howard Jacobson`s comic novels PLANET MONEY Seriously, Rreaming of Plastic Crates in Haiti by Caitlin Kenney. In Amarillo, a Christian activist group is targeting the city`s swingers with a constant campaign of harassment — and they say gay bars, strip clubs and shops could be next.

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