Are Bull Terriers Legal in Australia

Yes, really! Pit bulls are naturally cute, loving, gentle and warm-minded dogs. Their strength made them fit for combat, but it was the people who made them savage killers. It`s not in their nature at all. Every dog has the potential to be happy, healthy and well behaved. It`s all about our philosophy, from our articles on dog grooming to our YouTube channel. And yet, it is sad to say that there are dogs banned in Australia. Today we are going to discuss in detail these illegal dog breeds. We will deal with each of the races, why they are forbidden and the punishments for their possession. Whatever your attitude and opinion about the pit bull dog breed; The reality remains the same. Staffordshire Terriers are completely legal in Australia. You`ll know Staffys as the playful, bubbly dogs that most pit bulls and Dogo Argentinos and Can Corsos can never become. Are pit bulls illegal in Australia? Pit bulls are a restricted breed of dogs in Australia. This means that you can only legally own one if you have obtained a permit from the authorities and meet certain criteria.

Pit bulls were banned from importation in 2011, with laws aimed at protecting the public and limiting possible attacks on the breed. Then there are specific rules where pit bulls and other dangerous dogs must: Pit Bull Terriers have been banned from importing into Australia for over 15 years, but there are some who have been living in Australia since the time before the ban. Some breeds are excluded from importation into Australia. Of these, only the American pit bull terrier or pit bull terrier would be found in Tasmania. This is essentially a law aimed at preventing dog bites and better managing potentially aggressive dogs that the pit bull is classified as such. While this in no way means that every pit bull poses a threat or that it cannot be raised and trained to be affectionate in its temperament, risk is always considered there. Under no circumstances is it possible to import a pit bull into Australia. This is a provision of Commonwealth customs legislation that prohibits the importation of several breeds of dogs. Unfortunately for the pit bull, there is no real justification for ownership – unlike other breeds where aggression could be a byproduct of their labor. It is illegal to give or sell a restricted breed or dog classified as dangerous or threatening. It is also illegal to accept ownership of such a dog.

And unfortunately, and statistically speaking, pit bulls were primarily involved in or directly responsible for attacks. AKA American Pitbull Terriers are quite famous as seemingly dangerous dogs. But it didn`t start like that! Originally bred in the United States, pit bulls were farm dogs that helped their owners work the land because of their stocky stature and strength. Finally, they were also considered good “nanny” dogs because they were so kind and gentle with children. (4) Pit bulls are restricted in Australia assuming they are an inherently dangerous breed. This stems from their traditional use as fighting dogs, combined with events that included bites, attacks, and even deaths. The laws of Cane Corso Australia are somewhat difficult to decipher. They are not technically illegal, although they are considered dangerous dogs. The reason they are no longer legally banned is that they are so few. They are not allowed to be imported into Australia, and there are still about 20 of them throughout the country. The truth is (you will see the model here), they are super loving and warm dogs.

Highly trainable and obedient, they can be modeled as exemplary citizens or savage murderers. That is where the problem lies. Strong and powerful protectors of their families, they are fresh and calm on the outside, soft and playful on the inside. (9) A permit is required in Victoria, the Northern Territory, Western Australia and the ACT, and it is illegal to possess dingoes in Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania. The strength of pit bulls makes them good competitors for shot weight and agility. Their intelligence also makes them very obedient dogs. In addition to the pit bull terrier, the following breeds are also excluded from importation: it is possible to own a pit bull in Australia if the dog descends from an existing Australian pit bull line and the owners meet the strict conditions of the local authorities. There are also many crossbreed dogs that look like pit bull terriers. Under Australian law, it is illegal to import any of the dog breeds that we will mention in the next section. However, if you already own one, it is allowed under certain strict guidelines. Pit bulls are a race that divides opinions. They have gained a rather negative reputation in terms of temperament and possible security problems.

Whether it`s right, right or wrong, it`s the law that determines whether you can own one.

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